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Get Involved

Tools of Knowing are designed in such a way that the team gets equipped with navigation tools. We call it GPF Positioning System (GPS). The road to peacebuilding based on Interfaith Harmony and Leadership is filled with potholes of inadequate data, flawed research methods, false claims, and laxity. Peacebuilding is not about a few webinars by people adhering to one faith, life coach sessions, or for that matter just visiting places of worship/ Heritage sites without knowing the history and significance of that place. One must be aware and clear in their research questions. A methodology has to be adopted to better equip people with facts and data. The audience must be given a platform to raise their questions and doubts. Thus, the Facets of Faith Program includes rigorous exercises to know different World Religions, the Nature and Scope of Religious Studies, and Peace Building and Conflict Resolution. These are academic disciplines and thus need the scholars from universities and research centers to comment on. Hence, during the program, we invite scholars from different universities to provide scholarly data to the participants. There are also visits to Faith-Based NGOs and Centers to get a clearer picture of motivation and execution by spiritual leaders. Facets of Faith Program also works on different modes of communication. Along with conferences and webinars, there are film screenings and documentary screenings. There are debates and discussions at the Head Office and Virtually to make sure that maximum doubts are clarified. The last two components also ensure that there is a harmonious team relationship, and participants are at ease with each other. We strongly believe in cultivating inner peace, without which it is impossible to build outer peace in the world. This motivation connects our First Set of Tools with the Second. Thus to summarize, under the Cognitive Dimension of Facet of Faith Program, we have the following major events :

  • Global Peace Leadership Conferences:

    These are annual conferences based on themes like Multiculturism, Social Entrepreneurship, Global Ethical Framework, and Responsibilities.

  • Global Peace Education for Children and Youth:

    These are monthly classes and open discussions on principles like Vasudhaiva Kutumbakam ( Hindu Faith ), Tawhid(Islam), Ek Onkar(Sikh Faith), Tikkun Olam(Judaism), Anekantavada ( Jain Faith), Mahakaruna ( Buddhism), etc. GPF takes core spiritual and philosophical teachings of different traditions which are not dogmatic, rather are practical and help in enhancing social conscience.

  • Research and Publication:

    Under the FOF program we publish booklets, audiovisuals, articles, and papers. Our aim is to enrich the academic education of the upcoming young generation in schools and colleges through shaping a mindset that values integrity, equity, and fair play.


The experience I have gained at GPF India will allow me to put the knowledge and skills into practice both academically and in real-life situations. I had the opportunity to think about real-world problems and conduct critical research on various topics, where I learned about various important agreements and policy frameworks of many global initiatives, which not only made me think about the issues that the world is facing but also about the innovative solutions taken by various global organizations. The GPF team is very supportive and helpful and through the mentorship, they are genuine experts with a wealth of experience, while at the same time very kind, open, and ready to help.

Nandini Singh
Participant - I am a Peacebuilder

I had the opportunity to work on the P.A.D. program, which is a highly inspiring effort that educated me on how to bring change at the grassroots level by sharing knowledge and providing resources. This experience helped me develop leadership qualities and taught me the value of teamwork, which are two of the most vital abilities in my view. Hearing the experience shared by people who went to villages for the program has inspired me. This program has great capability to bring transformative change to society and I would love to be associated with it.

Liza Gupta
Volunteer – PAD Program

Facets of Faith has been a wonderful experience for me. The sessions and visits have genuinely encouraged me to look into religion and the different faiths, something that I haven’t considered to be an important part of my life. Also, the team members have shared a lot of knowledge and experience regarding different faith and specially peacebuilding. There was so much to learn from different resource persons and scholars invited. The best part is that I could find similarities with other faiths which taught me a lot.

Karan Rawat
Participant - Facets of Faith